Sunday, September 20, 2009

Buyer Tip...

Brave the rain!

It is not uncommon for me to wake up on a rainy Sunday morning such as this, to find that my prescheduled appointments have been cancelled by prospective buyers due to gloomy weather.

If a client is willing to brave the elements, I actually encourage the exact opposite!

Though most people would prefer to spend a stormy day snuggling up on the couch in their PJs over soggily traipsing in and out of a car/properties all day... the rain is an EXCELLENT tool for home buyers.

A Seller truth serum, really.

Regardless of what the Seller put in the Seller's Disclosure, the rain will reveal the TRUTH about the "teeny-tiny, barely a dribble leak in the basement" that the Seller claims. A good rain will also indicate any leaks in roof, grading or drainage issues in the yard, and whether or not the gutters need to be cleaned.

I even go so far as to call clients specifically on a day like this, to take them back through a property that they may be second guessing due to disclosure issues. Though one never knows how truthful a Seller is being regarding the condition of their property... a good rain storm never lies.

Consider that before you start singing "Rain, rain, go away"...