Thursday, February 4, 2016

Winter Curb Appeal Tips- it matters, Sellers!

Is your house listed right now or do you have plans to list your home soon, as we continue to battle Winter?  If so, this blog entry is for you!

Perhaps the biggest challenge to a Midwest Winter Seller, despite a smaller Buyer Pool, is the inability to visually capture a Buyer immediately.  The fact is, curb appeal matters and winter in St. Louis is dreary and sloppy for the most part. The 1st impression is almost always the lasting impression when it comes to real estate.  First impressions are everything and achieving a welcoming curb appeal during the gray winter months can be TOUGH!

Studies show that a Buyer typically decides within two minutes whether they like your home or not, as they start forming their opinion before they even walk through the front door!  Hence, it is VITAL for your home to be as presentable as it can be to ensure a quick sale at a top dollar price.

During the Spring and Summer months, I recommend fresh mulch, flowers, and colorful touches to my clients.   Unfortunately, however, during the gray winter months... a Seller doesn't have those options.  Hence, a warm and inviting curb appeal may be difficult to achieve during the Winter!  Do not fret, however.  Over my 14+ years in the business, I have compiled numerous winter curb appeal tips that I pass along to my Sellers to amp up the marketability of their properties during the colder months.

Curb appeal matters to you too, Winter Sellers.  Do NOT ignore it or you are kissing money goodbye.

If you are waiting for the SPRING to sell, HERE are some tips for my Spring Sellers!

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