Thursday, April 6, 2017

Spring Checklist For Homeowners

It has been a busy week here in Casa de Nenonen. As Steve and I frivolously begin to prepare our own home for warmer weather, we have a rotating door of contractors visiting this week to do everything from power wash the exterior to aerate and fertilize the lawn.  

While I take a lot of pleasure in this aspect of the process (my herb starters-hurray!)...
The money and time-management of the other projects I find not-so-fun.  That being said, I have learned over 20+ years of home ownership that being proactive in the Spring almost always reduces an enormous amount of headache in the Summer and Fall.  I will also note that my weekend showings served as a terrific reminder (aka a serious kick-in-the-pants) to get started as 5 of the 11 properties that I showed in the rain this weekend had wet basements.  ALL FIVE OF THEM HAD GUTTERS OVERFLOWING WITH LEAVES.  Not a coincidence, friends. Read more about preventing water in your home HERE.

As we get periodic breaks in the rain, place your focus here Homeowners:

Clean Home Exterior:               
_ Clear all gutters, downspouts, and exterior drains of debris
_ Clean siding (TIP: if you have this professionally done like we do every other year, generously spray your plants with the hose right before the power washers arrive to protect your landscape from absorbing the chemicals.)
_ Decks and Porches: Clean, make repairs,stain
_ Patios: Clean and repair as needed
_ Windows and Screens: Clean and make repairs

_ Rake Leaves
_ Aerate, fertilize, and seed lawn
_ Prune shrubs (tip for pruning grasses HERE)
_ Remove weeds
_ Mulch garden beds 

_ Check Sprinkler system
_ Schedule termite and pest inspection
_ Service your mower, have blades sharpened 
_ Check fences and gates
_ Seal driveway
_ Test outdoor lighting 
_ Inspect concrete for patching needs
_ Inspect brick for tuck pointing needs
_ Check roof for damage
_ Repair peeling paint 
_ Stain or reseal exterior wood