Monday, July 18, 2011

New St. Louis Documentary: "Brick By Chance & Fortune"

Steve and I are chomping at the bits to see the new St. Louis Documentary, "Brick by Chance and Fortune". It is a feature length documentary about the past, present, and future of brick in St. Louis by local filmaker, Bill Streeter.

As I have said on numerous occasions on the blog, I am a lover of all things old. Nothing makes my heart pitter-patter more than a century old St. Louis building with its architectural beauty and integrity in tact! On the same token, I find nothing more heartbreaking than to see the degeneration that is happening in many of our downtown neighborhoods. This is a story that needs to be told!

The 1st screening will be at the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase at the Tivoli Theatre on August 14th at 4:30PM. Hopefully, many more are to follow!

Find more information on their website HERE, on Twitter HERE, or on Facebook HERE.