Friday, January 18, 2019


A little over 17 years ago, I sat across from my current broker at the Coldwell Banker Gundaker Corporate Centre office and told her that I was interested in earning my real estate license. She must have thought that I was certifiably crazy, as I was 9 months pregnant at the time with a toddler in tow. A former social worker, gone stay-at-home mom, I was ready for a new professional endeavor with the encouragement and guidance of my father (who was a real estate investorand the support of my amazing husband.

6 weeks later, I embarked upon a new real estate career and the brand new role as a mom of TWO at the exact same time...
Today is our youngest son's 17 birthday, which serendipitously also marks my 17th year in this amazing business.  I could have never predicted back then that I was setting out on one of the most enriching and challenging professional adventures of my life. My 1st mission after giving birth was to find the newly-formed "Nenonen Four" a larger home and the momentum picked up from there.  Here I sit almost 2 decades later, so grateful that I was courageous enough to take the plunge that day, as it has allowed me to help dozens upon dozens of people along the way.  

I adore my job and my little family.  The nature of this business has allowed me to flourish in both roles and for that I am eternally grateful. Each year when I celebrate my "baby's" birthday, I also like to pause and pay homage to years of personal and professional growth, enrichment, and fulfillment through an adventurous career!

I am so fortunate to have found a job that I am still passionate about even seventeen years later.  None of it would have been possible without the friendship, business, support, and referrals of my amazing friends and clients.  For that, I have a profound amount of gratitude. Thank you for seventeen wonderful years! πŸ’—

In addition, a super Happy Birthday to my boy, who could probably tell you more about termite infestation, electrical code, sewer lateral repair, and contractual negotiation than any other 17 year old you know. A Realtor's child through and through! πŸ˜‰ 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Winter Curb Appeal - It matters, Sellers!

Yesterday afternoon, I showed a handful of properties to a client of mine, most notably a gorgeous home in Clayton mere steps from Forest Park.  While we had a record snow storm here in St. Louis over the weekend, Mother Nature has been kind over the past 2 days with clear skies.  I was shocked to pull up and discover that the Seller didn't bother to salt or shovel the walkway or driveway.  In fact, the Seller made zero attempt to ensure that we could safely enter the property.

Not good.

Needless to say, my client was turned off before we even entered the door after trekking through 10 inches of snow in normal street shoes.  Is your house listed right now or do you have plans to list your home soon, as we continue to battle Winter?  If so, this blog entry is for you!

Perhaps the biggest challenge to a Midwest Winter Seller, despite a smaller Buyer Pool, is the inability to visually capture a Buyer immediately.  The fact is, curb appeal matters and winter in St. Louis is dreary and sloppy for the most part. The 1st impression is almost always the lasting impression when it comes to real estate.  First impressions are everything and achieving a welcoming curb appeal during the gray winter months can be TOUGH!

Studies show that a Buyer typically decides within two minutes whether they like your home or not, as they start forming their opinion before they even walk through the front door!  Hence, it is VITAL for your home to be as presentable as it can be to ensure a quick sale at a top dollar price.

During the Spring and Summer months, I recommend fresh mulch, flowers, and colorful touches to my clients.   Unfortunately, however, during the gray winter months... a Seller doesn't have those options.  Hence, a warm and inviting curb appeal may be difficult to achieve during the Winter!    

Over my 17+ years in the business, I have compiled numerous winter curb appeal tips that I pass along to my Sellers to amp up the marketability of their properties during the colder months.

Curb appeal and winter safety matters to you too, Winter Sellers.  Do NOT ignore it or you are kissing money goodbye.

Are you in St. Louis, considering a move in 2019, and still interviewing Realtors?  I would love the opportunity to speak with you and appreciate your consideration!  Learn more about me at, see what my clients have to say about me HERE, or call me at 314.298-5275 to find out how much your house is worth.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Neutral Paint Boosts Home Value

Fresh neutral paint gives a Seller the most “bang for the buck” in terms of sweat equity, a quick sale, and maximization of profit! In fact, the ROI (return on investment) is astronomical. πŸ’°πŸ‘  I am Brentwood-bound this morning, my Sherwin Williams color deck in hand, for a paint color consultation... 

4th quarter planning and preparation meetings with my upcoming Spring Sellers? My favorite part of the job! Goodbye warm amber tones, hello market-friendly neutrals. πŸ‘πŸΌ  

In St. Louis and contemplating a move in 2019?  The time to start interviewing and conversing with Realtors is NOW!  Proper planning, staging, and preparation takes time.  I would love to be considered...

Monday, December 24, 2018

Happy Holidays!

Whatever is beautiful, whatever is meaningful, whatever brings you happiness... 

...may it be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming year. 

Happy Holidays, friends. Love, light, and blessings. ❤️

Friday, December 21, 2018

Pantry Before and After

If you follow me on Instagram, you are aware that it has been a busy winter of renovation here in Casa de Nenonen.  The tail end of our massive kitchen gut, was a redesign of our pantry.  As of this morning, the project is officially complete with the installation of the final trim and new motion sensor lighting...
All lit up like a Christmas tree, just in time for holiday baking. πŸŽ„⭐️ 

Our favorite feature?

The sliding shelf mechanism, which helped us to maximize the storage!  

A warm thank you to Teresa Voyles and the team at NewSpace for transforming an awkward closet over the stairs in to something incredibly functional for our family.  NewSpace was not only terrific to work with, but our gorgeous new closet has a lifetime warranty.

If you have a space in your home that isn't working for you, do NOT be afraid to rethink it, friends.  My only regret?  Not doing it sooner.


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Thursday, December 20, 2018

2019 Pantone Color of the Year: Living Coral

Pantone, the leading authority on trending colors, has officially announced their 2019 Color of the Year...

It’s a vibrant pinky-peachy-orangey hue that is said to "embrace us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy”.

Yay or nay for a color pop of coral in your home in 2019? πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘ŽπŸΌ

Monday, December 17, 2018

10 New Years Resolutions For Your Home in 2019

A warm thank you to Manage My Life for this terrific advice heading in to 2019...
10 New Years Resolutions for your Home

Tradition dictates that every January 1, we resolve to make a life improvement, big or small. Improving your home can improve your life, so apply the most popular New Year's resolutions to your home.

1. Lose weight
A bit of weight loss goes a long way in a home. Sell, donate, recycle or discard the stuff you never use. When your home is less cluttered, the rest of your life just might follow suit.

2. Quit smoking
If your home is smoking, you need to know about it. Install a smoke detector on every level of your home and outside the sleeping areas. Keep your resolution charged all year by changing the batteries in your detectors twice a year.

3. Get organized
A place for everything, and everything in its place — ever heard that one? Organize files, storage areas and living spaces. Professionals can lend a hand, or you can tackle the job yourself. Either way, your life runs more smoothly when you can find things when you need them.

4. Improve your appearance.
You'll be most content in your home when you're happy with it aesthetically. Refreshes could range from fresh flowers to improved lighting to new flooring. When you revitalize your home, it revitalizes you right back.

5. Make more money.
Small projects can add big profit if you plan to sell your home. Some can be found in simple fixes — a fresh coat of paint, a new rug, less furniture and less clutter. Although the return on your investment depends on your timing and the market, the most profitable changes are a basic kitchen update, a revitalized lawn, an energy-efficient fireplace and a second bath.

6. Save money.
Consistent, proper maintenance of your home can save big money in the long run. If ignored, small things like worn washer hoses, clogged gutters or dead tree limbs can become costly problems. A regular maintenance plan can prevent emergency repairs from taking you to the bank.

7. Drink less.
Is your energy consumption out of control? You can start with the easy fixes — use compact fluorescent light bulbs, rechargeable batteries and fewer disposable items. Turn off what you're not using and adjust your thermostat. Bigger ticket items include energy-saving appliances and low-flush toilets. These changes not only decrease your energy bills, they also place fewer demands on the planet's resources.

8. Go back to school.
Attend home maintenance classes and learn about home improvement projects. If you're calling in a professional, educate yourself about the appropriate processes, know what questions to ask, and then ask them.

9. Try something new.
Never hung a picture? Never built a deck? With the right tools and education, you can manage a lot on your own. Set your sights on a project that's realistic for you and go for it.

10. Spend more time with family and friends.
Your friends and family will line up at your door to help celebrate your accomplishments!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

I received amazing news today...

I was just confirmed as a ⭐️2019 Five Star Award winner⭐️, to be announced in St. Louis Magazine this Spring. My 9th time! Of approximately 17,915 St. Louis area Realtors... only 327 of us received it for superior customer service- roughly 2%. This recognition means everything to me, as I would do anything for my amazing clients. 

What a wonderful way to close out 2018. ❤️

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Just for Fun: Artistic view at everyday life

Do you have a favorite search hashtag on Instagram? Mine is, hands down, #nenonenyardfollies as it is a collection of the simple pleasures I have adored most living in our home over the years. Nothing beats the seasonal ebb and flow of Mama Nature in our neighborhood and yard. πŸŒ±πŸŒΈπŸ‚❄️

I celebrate my love for this in my latest home project for our cozy family room with a little help from Walgreens...  

... a wood print collage grid of my favorites, creating a micro journey through the seasons in Casa de Nenonen. I firmly believe you that should surround yourself by things that make you feel good in your home! This wall makes me smile every time I look at it and serves as a daily reminder to stop and smell the roses!πŸ’ž

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Prepaying cuts YEARS off the life of a loan...

My previous clients (1st time buyers) posted this online today... 

I had to share! Such an inspiration and testament to principal-only prepaying on a loan. They saved themselves a WHOPPING $77,000 in interest (30 yr mortgage) and years of debt by creating a prepay plan early on and sticking to it! Amazing, right? 

Use THIS helpful payoff calculator to see how how much money you can save yourself with a little discipline and a solid plan in place. πŸ’°