Monday, January 11, 2010

Design Eye Candy ...

Every so often, I come across a new item on my regular design blog reads that makes me go "hmmm". This AM's find is one of them!

South Korea designer, Wonsik Chae, has developed a new product called the Lightening Bag...
These aren't your granny's teabags!?

"Consisting of a cup filled with a chemical intermediate and a bag containing fluorescent molecules- the light works through a catalyst of this chemical reaction."

The result? A light which imitates the form of a tea bag. It even SEEPS like a tea bag.

Don't believe me? Here's a video of it in action...

I know, bizarre yet intriguing right? Though at first I found the concept to be a tad useless, after giving it more thought... I could see this concept emerging into the event planning business eventually. Particularly if they can modify the colors?!

The Lightening Bags give off a similar iridescent glow to a glow stick, but are more versatile. Romantic outdoor summer event... trees illuminated by lanterns strung high from trees. I won't lie! It got my wheels spinning.