Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What my Clients are saying...

The best part about being a 21st century Realtor? Social media, hands down!

Platforms like Facebook, Blogger, and Twitter not only allow for thorough marketing and advertising, but are the ideal way to communicate within the industry. Thanks to social media, I have the ability to truly connect and stay in touch with clients/new friends, even after the transaction. After spending so much time with someone... you miss them. The ability to stay in touch is priceless.

Recently, two of my clients were kind enough to recommend me on my LinkedIn page. I appreciate their kind words and the time it took to do so, as no one can truly vouch for your work ethic, integrity, and abilities like your past clients. Period.

This is what they had to say...

“After working with Carrie, I completely understand why she was selected as one of St Louis' top Realtors. My purchase was a first time buy and Carrie was a much needed asset when it came to selecting the perfect home. Carrie has a wide network of contacts so she was able to get the "inside scoop" on properties we viewed and this was extremely beneficial. Carrie will be the first person I call the next time I buy or sell.”May 31, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Danielle Carr, hired Carrie as a Real Estate Agent in 2011

“Carrie is the BEST realtor I have ever worked with. She is friendly, listens to her clients, and knows the business. Carrie made the purchase of my 1st house pleasurable and stress free from start to finish.”
May 18, 2011Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Mary Konnesky, hired Carrie as a Real Estate Agent in 2011

Thank you, ladies!