Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hidden Gem: Oprah (and Carrie) says...

... you must take a day trip just 25 minutes outside of St. Louis on Highway 55 to Historic Kimmswick for a piece of the Levee- High Caramel Apple Pecan Pie from the Blue Owl.

Every year, Steve and I gift the boys a new ornament for our Christmas tree.  Our favorite holiday shopping destination for the ornaments? 

The Christmas Haus of Kimmswick.  It is charming and epitomizes the warmth and magic of the holidays.  Anyone who has been to Kimmswick, knows that it is a cardinal sin to step foot anywhere near the city without a visit to the notorious Blue Owl Restaurant.  Period.

For us, it is always for a cup of the delicious white chicken chili (the recipe is HERE and it is amazing) and a piece of the Levee-high Apple Pie (recipe is HERE, though I don't have the kahunas to attempt it).

Not only did this indulgent treat make Oprah's Favorite Things List this year, it has also been touted by Food Network hard-hitters like Paula Deen.  This pie is not only as good as it looks... it is better.  Just be sure to bring a friend (or request a doggy bag), as 18 apples go into one pie!  2 of us couldn't even come close to finishing this piece... superb.