Monday, December 19, 2011

What my clients are saying...

My client, Dawn, was kind enough to write a client recommendation on my LinkedIn page...

"Carrie really looked out for me when I purchased my home. She not only was great to work with, but she made sure that the sales contract included language that protected my interests. The builder later went bankrupt and her foresight guaranteed that the work he agreed to complete was actually completed. I highly recommend Carrie."

Service Category:   Real Estate Agent
Year first hired:       2007
Top Qualities:          Great Results, Personable, Expert

Dawn bought a fabulous Clayton condo in the Demun area, but man... the deal was tough.  The owner of the complex was extremely difficult to negotiate with, though all worked out in the end.  The condo boasted the ideal location, amenities, and finishes that she sought... so we diligently worked to ensure all of the contractual documents covered any future potential issues.  

In some situations, foreclosure is a blessing in disguise for condo owners.  I have personally witnessed this several times over the past few years.  With a super strong group of fantastic neighbors, they have successfully righted all of the wrongs made by the past owner! 

Happy ending.  Great friend.  Miss you, Dawn!