Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Downsizing and Space Savers...

After 10 years in the residential real estate industry, I am certain of one of the most prominent Real Estate Truths: over the span of a lifetime... THE most difficult move is one's final downsize.  Period.

There is a time when most succumb to the fact that they no longer need the large yard that their (now grown) children once frolicked in.  The spacious house, basement, pool, and excessive amount of belongings that once seemed a necessity... quickly become a burden. 

Simply, the amount  of work associated with the upkeep of an earlier stage of life becomes a serious life stress down the road for most.  I have seen the immediate need to simplify, reduce, and declutter with numerous clients over the years.  Most empty-nesters crave the ability to go forth, enjoy, and live life rather than constantly trying to maintain it.

Life changes.  It just does.

Over the years, I have worked with a number of empty nesters desperately ready and eager to take the plunge into a simpler lifestyle.  A lock and go lifestyle.  The mantra that I always pass along and ask them to repeat:  "No, this will not be fun.  It will not be easy.  That being said, once through the difficult task of dividing a life it took YEARS to build... I WILL feel happier, lighter, and more grounded.

It is always the case,  I promise.   I almost always get a huge "THANK YOU, CARRIE!" a month or so after closing.

Emotionally tolling is the final downsize, though the logistics of retrofitting life into a fraction of the square footage seems to be the biggest challenge for most.  Clever solutions are key, so when I see something VERY good- I must share. 

This my friends...

... is not only good- it is GREATMurphy Beds have come a LONG WAY, baby.

A client of mine, who recently traded in a large house for condo living, just had this built-in Murphy Bed locally commissioned.   I think it is a BRILLIANT solution for the small spare room that she desired to multi-function.  Obviously, above it serves as a shelving unit.

When desired, it can also serve as a table or workspace...

When guests /grandkids pay an overnight visit, it can serve as a bed...

NOTE: I caught these photos during the construction phase, so the mattress wasn't yet in place. 

She even had little drawer nightstand /pull-out tables added...

Isn't this FABULOUS?  I think it is ideal for this type of scenario/space and a fantastic creative solution for downsizers. 

While a tad pricey at approx. $2,000, you are basically purchasing 3 pieces of furniture.  This unit was 100% fully customized, designed, and built for this space in total collaboration with my client and she is tickled pink. She had full control of the wood type, finish, stain, hardware, and options.  It can be as traditional or modern as you want it to be.

When it comes to this type of built-in, the choices are endless...

The key is finding someone skilled who can build it and is willing to work hand-in-hand with you.  My client gave David Talley, at DBT Wood Products, a 5-star review.  You can find more information about his work, pricing, and options here:  http://www.dbtwoodproducts.com/

Good stuff!