Sunday, March 4, 2012

Link Love for St. Louis: The Library's Street Index

A cool resource for you fellow St. Louisans / history buffs, that came to me the way of Twitter...

The Street Index by The St. Louis Public Library, FOUND HERE,  gives the historical origin of most street names in St. Louis City.


In the General Motors Park subdivision of 1920, it was named for the nearby Chevrolet plant. (Arlington)

So named in the original 1836 platting of the St. Louis Commons because it formed the southern boundary of Lafayette Park. It honors the Marquis de Lafayette (1757-1834), the French general and statesman who aided George Washington in the American Revolutionary War. He was enthusiastically received in St. Louis during a triumphal visit in 1825. (Compton Hill) (Lafayette Square) (Shaw) (Soulard)

Follows the former Rue de Roi or Kingshighway along the western boundary of the Prairie des Noyers Common Field. It became the main stem of the Kingshighway Boulevard system that was adopted by the city in 1903. (Cabanne) (Central West End) (Clifton) (Grand Prairie) (The Hill) (Oak Hill) (Shaw) (Southwest)

Interesting stuff!