Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hidden Gem: Polar Express Train Ride to the North Pole via Union Station

Once upon a time, I had two little train fanatics...  

When the boys were little, our days and weekends were spent exploring the train car graveyard at the Museum of Transportation, walking the abandoned tracks of Union Station, taking in the Meramec River view aboard the mini railroad, and enjoying ice cream at the Kirkwood Custard Station in hopes that an Amtrak would race by.

That is why, when I heard that this was coming to town...

... I felt compelled to share!  

Bundle your kiddies up in their fuzziest jammies and take them on a magical train journey to the North Pole via Union Station.  The classic children's book (and movie), the Polar Express, comes to life on this 6 mile holiday railroad journey around St. Louis.   Chef characters serve hot chocolate and fresh-baked cookies to all passengers onboard the trains, and lead holiday carols until the "big guy" enters the train car himself ...

A unique holiday experience that your kids are destined to remember forever.  Magical indeed!

For more information....

St. Louis Union Station 

1820 Market Street 
St. Louis, Missouri 63103 

CALL:  (314) 621-5262 

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