Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hidden Gem: Longview Farm Park

Nestled in the heart of Town and Country, at the intersection of Clayton Road and Mason Road, is one of my favorite local hidden gems!

Per the Town and Country website: Longview Farm Park is the remnant of a farm that once encompassed over 350 acres acquired directly from the United States government by the son of a pioneer settler, presumably in the 1820's. The farm was divided several times and passed through the ownership of a few families. The present farm house was originally a story and a half log cabin, thought to be from the 1870’s. By the 1920’s, the log cabin was covered by a white frame house. Through the years, several additions were added to the original house, dividing the space into various rooms and elevations.

Town and Country purchased the property in 2000. Today it is a GORGEOUS park complete with remote wooded trails along running water, horse stables, beautiful gardens, and the original farm house that is now available to host events.

Longview Farm is incredibly child/dog friendly, and our family loves it. We take Poppy there for a walk a few times/week. A peek at a typical visit...

Pure solitude.