Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What my clients are saying...

Every time a client graciously takes the time to write a recommendation of my work, I can't help but feel sincere gratitude. I not only care deeply for my work, but the people for whom I work.

Real Estate, even 10 years later, remains my labor of love.  As silly as it may sound, it is magical every time you make the perfect client/property match. The feeling never gets old, and I truly share my clients' excitement.  While I always miss the daily interaction once a deal has closed, I love to watch my clients nestle into their happily ever after.

I have shared some of the kind words that clients have expressed to me in the past on the blog. Today, however, I received this lovely written recommendation from my client Judy on my LinkedIn page.  It is so sweet, that I had to share...

"Carrie was great to work with when I was searching for a new residence. My daughter had used her services and highly recommended her. I was not disappointed.

Carrie used her skills as a trained Social Worker to help me find the kind of housing situation appropriate to me as part of an older retired couple seeking to downsize. She thought of us first and suggested housing that was age appropriate with ease of living features as we move into the future. She suggested properties that were more suitable to our needs and income level rather than trying to push her own listings.

She was always prompt, efficient and fair in her dealings with me. Besides, she was a lot of fun to be with! If I had been allowed, I would have checked all the boxes above as her characteristics. I highly recommend Carrie to anyone who is seeking a Realtor."

Service Category: Real Estate Agent
Year first hired:    2011
Top Qualities:      Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Thank you, thank you Judy!  The feeling is completely mutual... =)