Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter Wonderland in Tower Grove Park

I showed properties in Tower Grove South over the weekend, and couldn't resist a drive-through the park.  Tower Grove Park, sandwiched between Kingshighway and Grand just south of Highway 44, dates back to 1868 when St. Louis historical figure, Henry Shaw, conveyed part of his land to the City of St. Louis.  Currently at approximately 289 acres, Tower Grove Park is not only a beloved St. Louis landmark... it is also on the National Historic Landmark Registry. 

Personally, many a childhood memory of mine live in Tower Grove Park.  I have stated before on numerous personal bios that my father was a real estate investor over the duration of my childhood.  Most of his properties were in the South City area, and I truly attribute my deep-seated love for historical buildings and real estate to accompanying him on his many summer ventures while I was out of school on summer vacation.

A typical South city morning with my dad exploring beautiful historic buildings flooded with stained-glass light was usually topped off by take-out from Amighetti's on The Hill.  We would take our lunch to Tower Grove Park where we shared it under one of the historic pavilions.  He then would allow me to play in the wading pool to cool off.

Memories one does not forget.

Perhaps THE most distinguishable features of the park, are in fact the colorful pavilions which date
back as early as 1872.  Each one unique, each one more colorful and interesting than the next.  The pavilions have always intrigued me and are breathtaking all 12 months of the year, however, there is nothing like the way they POP when the park is under a beautiful blanket of white. 

The weather outside may be frightful, but Tower Grove Park remains beautiful!  A teeny peek...

Learn more about Tower Grove Park HERE on their website and consider printing off a copy of THIS fantastic visitor's guide before you go, complete with maps, park features, and history

You may also find the park on Facebook HERE and HERE on Twitter.