Monday, December 29, 2014

Closed: 7 Summersweet Lane in Ballwin

#7 Summersweet in Ballwin closed this AM.  With the closing of this estate, I also bid farewell to a personal friend.  As I expressed last week, I do not take for granted that my job is unique in that I help families during some of their most emotional transitions.  Often times as a Realtor, my personal and professional lives collide.

Team Summersweet- I would like to express a warm thank you for allowing me to handle this transaction.  As they say, the apple does not fall far from the tree.  It did not surprise me in the least that such a remarkable lady would have such a terrific group of loved ones.  I had a profound respect for M and will/do miss her friendship deeply. My sincere gratitude for trusting me to handle this transaction on behalf of her.    

Gorgeous property and a wonderful transaction to finish off 2014, as it served as a reminder for me to pause and give thanks for each day with my loved ones.  Life is sweet yet short, friends.  Each day is indeed a gift. 

Happy Holidays and thank you all.