Thursday, December 18, 2014

A quick pause in thanks of my past clients...

One of the greatest joys of being a 21st-century Realtor is the ability to remain connected with my clients even after close day via Social Media.  Over the last several weeks, warm scenes of the holiday season have overflowed my timelines. Per the photos I collaged,  I work with some of the most fun and creative people that I know!  As my clients' holiday photos start to pop up all over social media, I cannot help but pause and give thanks for such an incredible career thus far.

For 13 years,  I have had the privilege of helping dozens of wonderful people buy and sell homes. I have helped newly engaged couples buy their first property together,  tearful families close an estate, relocating families excited for a new life adventure, divorcing couples ready to part ways,  clients rushing to buy a larger home before the baby arrives, upwardly-mobile professionals celebrating an exciting new promotion with a more sizable home, and everything in between. I never take for granted that my job is unique in that I assist people during some of their most major life events.  I am incredibly thankful and humbled that I get to share in these moments.

This week I have witnessed my clients trim their first trees, snuggle their new baby in the nursery that we meticulously searched for, fill their kitchens with tasty delights... living LIFE in the properties that we found together.  What can I say, it warms my heart.  

One of my favorite quotes...

It is so true!  There is no better feeling as a Realtor than to have the birds eye view of the properties I have sold come to life with family and tradition and love.  I feel so blessed and incredibly lucky to have the ability to do what I do.  Real Estate is a labor of love for me, though I realize that it is my amazing clients that make my job so fun and rewarding.

Happy holidays, all.  I am blessed to have you in my life!