Thursday, July 28, 2016

CLOSED: 2019 Pincian in Rockwood School District

That is one thing that I know to be the absolute truth after 15 years in the real estate industry.  If an adored past client is kind enough to pass along my name to a friend, it is almost assured that we will get along splendidly.  When I received this referral from D and L, I just knew in my heart that they would be good people. Boy, was I right. That is why a referral is so valuable to a Realtor, as 9 times out of 10, it makes for a wonderful transaction.

2019 Pincian closed escrow today, and what a terrific double transaction it was with the B family.  Selling the first home is an incredibly emotional process for a family, as it is essentially closing Chapter 1, the foundation of a life together.  Juggling the emotions with the logistics of moving from one home to another however, particularly with a toddler in the mix, is a whole other ballgame.  Recall my personal moving experience with toddlers.  It is stressful!

My incredible clients? They handled it like pros!

Team Pincian- thank you for everything. I truly enjoyed working with you three and am confident that your chapter 2 journey has amazing things in store.  Congratulations and thank you again!

D and L- once again, I truly appreciate you passing along my name.  You are the best!  I am so lucky to know you and am proud to call you my friends.