Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Personal Moment: Back to School and Farewell Summer

It has taken me a few days to catch my breathe with last week's busy closing schedule and getting the boys prepared, but my babes went back to school last week. Bittersweet.  While Summer 2015 was packed with fun, it is nice to get back to the "norm" around here.

I say it every year, though I feel like I am on a high speed train with these 2 boys, my babies. My oldest hopped in the car to drive himself to his first day of 11th grade, as our Fall calendar begins to fill with standardized test dates and college campus tours.  My "little guy", now a big 8th grader, had to bend down to give me a hug this AM as he is now taller than me. Heck, even Miss Willow (now 4-1/2 months) is almost unrecognizable after a summer of growth.  *sigh*

Like sands through the hourglass, friends.

Regardless, while Summer 2015 was a busy one, it was grand. A peek back at the fun, as we journey into beloved Fall...