Friday, May 22, 2015

It's a girl! Thank you Gateway Pet Guardians!

Friends, meet our new addition...
... Willow Nenonen.  8 weeks and dreamy.

Our family was devastated to lose our loyal Poppy earlier this year.  So sad, so difficult. Regardless, when we were ready to rescue another puppy... I reached out to one of my fellow Coldwell Banker Gundaker agents, who also does extensive work with Gateway Pet Guardians.

Gateway Pet Guardians is a nonprofit, virtual animal shelter and pet rescue located in St. Louis. They feed and rescue stray dogs and cats in and around East St. Louis, Illinois and the St. Louis metro area.

The volunteers feed the stray animals in East St. Louis daily. When a foster family becomes available, they can then rescue one of the animals on their feeding route. The foster guardians help rehabilitate the dog or cat and then wait to find a perfect forever home.

I can't say enough about this organization.  Our family is now complete, the process was seamless, and Miss Willow (who was part of a stray litter found in East St. Louis) now lives a charmed life in Casa de Nenonen. 
=) She is socialized as was raised with other puppies in a foster home over a shelter, and is the absolute perfect addition to our family.  

If you have questions about our adoption or why we chose Gateway, I urge you to PLEASE email or call me!  I am happy to share my experience and contact.  In the meantime, learn even more about GPG here.