Wednesday, September 2, 2009

#1828 Chouteau - Lafayette Square...

I am in love with Lafayette Square. And when I say "love"... I mean looove.

When I find myself in South City, it rarely goes with out a swing through Lafayette Square?! You will typically find me lunching at Squires or Arcelia's, checking my email at Park Avenue Coffee, and/or walking down Park Avenue and around the park with a silly, little grin on my face taking in the luscious 19th century Victorian architecture and stunning gardens.

When my hubby and I are able to slip away from the kiddies for an evening, our date nights typically consist of an evening at 1111 Mississippi (my city fav) or Vin de Set and almost always ends at the Chocolate Bar or Square One Brewery (his city fav).

From the neighborhood Old Time Baseball Team and Summer Concert Series in the Park to the phenomenal Annual House Tour (not to be MISSED) and Holiday Parlor Tour... I'm telling you, if there were a Lafayette Square Fan Club... I could be the President! =)

Of all of the fantastic and unique neighborhoods in St. Louis, Lafayette Square is HANDS down the most beautiful in my opinion. Yes, the architecture and park provide a great backdrop... but the businesses and residents are what bring it to life with their endless dedication to the neighborhood. Pride of ownership abounds in the Square, which is why both Architecture Magazine and Better Homes & Gardens have named Lafayette Square "One of the ten most beautiful painted ladies neighborhoods in the nation".

Due to the area popularity in recent years, a bulk of the homes in the neighborhood have undergone renovation. I have seen my fair share of the good, bad, and the ugly! A proper renovation in the Square is one that delivers style-appropriate modern day amenities while maintaining the architectural goodies and integrity of the property.

This L.S. area property at #1828 Chouteau was just listed. The renovators appear to have found a decent marriage of new and old...
Property offered for $389,900 by McCavoy Realty - 314-531-1900

If interested in viewing this property or if you want more information, please call me at 314-452-7675.