Friday, July 9, 2010

HGTV is coming to St. Louis...

I have said NUMEROUS times on this blog that I would kill to be a 1st Time Buyer with nothing to sell in this market! The interest rates are historically low and prices are lower than when I got my license 9 years ago.

This strong Buyer's Market is FILLED with investment opportunities for 1st time Home Buyers. Period

To sweeten the thought of taking the plunge, this afternoon I received a press release from a casting producer who stumbled upon my blog. HGTV is launching their 9th season of the hit show
"My First Place" and is looking for first-timers in the St. Louis area right now! If you are contemplating a home search, you may want to review the exciting opportunity below...

Then HGTV is looking for you!

MY FIRST PLACE, HGTV’s hit series, is coming back for an ninth season and we’re looking for first-time home buyers (and their agents!) in the St. Louis area RIGHT NOW!

We are looking for fun, high-energy people who are just starting the home-buying process for their first place and would like to share their story with HGTV! Our goal is to capture all the trials and tribulations of looking for, bidding on and buying your first place.
Taping takes place this summer. Ideal candidates will be enthusiastic buyers with a great story to tell and a desire to share their experiences. Singles, couples and families are all invited to apply!

Candidates who complete taping will receive a surprise housewarming gift as part of the show and also a DVD copy of their episode to document their first home buying experience for all time!

If you are interested in participating in the show or have further questions ... please email me at with information regarding your situation and I will get you an application/get you into contact with my network contact.