Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hidden Gem Alert: Barney's

I have been meaning to write a blog entry all summer about one of my favorite local gems. A visit last weekend served as inspiration, and luckily you still have a few more weeks to enjoy their amazing food until they close for the summer...

Over 14 years ago (and fresh out of college), I held a beginning Social Work job in Ellisville. One Saturday afternoon, a coworker brought in Barney's BBQ, and I have been hooked ever since. 14 years later, it remains a Nenonen Family summer staple.

Celebrating their 48th summer of serving BBQ out of the teeny tiny wooden shack they have called home since 1963, family-owned Barney's Bar-b-q is a West County staple. Those who know Barney's... love Barney's- returning every summer and sharing the secret with their friends. Period.

It is not just about the food at Barney's... it is about the experience. Only open May-September, and only on the weekends, Barney's is a close to the family backyard barbecue experience as you will get in the St. Louis area...

The magic starts in the "Ole' Hickory Room" where they have perfected the process of making their own charcoal, which they hand carry to the open pit with a shovel...
A step back in time with cool antiques and a dirt floor, the Hickory Room just reeks cool.
Note: as a customer you are allowed to explore the Hickory Room. In fact, the family is so incredibly friendly... they are happy to give you a tour of the process. During this particular trip, one of the relatives grabbed my 8 year old and pulled him into the kitchen to show him how it is done. Needless to say, he loved it and I truly appreciated their kindness!

The end result?

Delicious, though we always share a plate as it is WAY too much food for 1 person..

Warning: leave your diet at home, but if you appreciate barbecue done the old-fashioned way... Barney's is the perfect summer retreat!


Barney's Bar-b-que
16011 Manchester Road,
Ellisville, Missouri 63011

Located 1/4 mile west of Clarkson and Manchester in Ellisville, Missouri

May- September
11 - 8pm
Friday, Saturday, Sunday only


Peek at their menu HERE.
Find them on Facebook HERE.
Their blog is HERE.
Their Twitter handle is @barneysbbq