Monday, February 28, 2011

DEAL ALERT: 20-40% off at 3 local Borders Bookstores

There is no doubt that consumers become more tight and resourceful during economic downturn, and that retailers feel the pinch as a result! The latest local casualty happened when Borders Bookstore announced that they were closing 200+ stores nationally as part of a Chapter 11 restructure.... Let's face it: in the day of the Internet and e-readers like Kindles... print media is a dying breed. Period. Add into the equation the HUGE savings at your fingertips found on online retail powerhouses like Amazon and It is no wonder that the overhead of a huge retail store would be too high to continue operation?!

Sadly, 3 of the 9 local Borders locations including Chesterfield Mall, Mid Rivers Mall, and Manchester Road in West County were victims of the downsizing. As a result, they are clearing house. We took advantage of the major discounts over the weekend, up to 40% on some items, but are not happy as a Borders-loyal family...In my opinion, no online deal beats a visit to the bookstore to wander and explore the shelves. Though it looks like those days are soon over. If you have your eye on a book... the time to hit Borders is now. The deals are unparalleled.