Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hidden Gem Alert: Bogart's Smokehouse

It was time that I see for myself what all of the hype is about?! Everywhere I turn, locals are screaming the praises of...
...BOGART'S. Friends, family, Facebook, Twitter, StLToday, the blogs, the RFT, and ShowMe St. Louis have all been touting this St. Louis newbie over the past few weeks. The virtual stepsister of the infamous Pappy's Smoke House , Bogart's shares many of the same barbecue methods, secrets, and even employees.

Yesterday, the boys and I were loose downtown enjoying their Spring Break, and dropped by this new joint for a quick late lunch. I'm sure glad that we did... Yum.

Bogart's is located in the heart of Soulard, just kiddy-corner to the SW entrance of the Historic Soulard Market...

... and is EXACTLY what everyone has been reporting and then some. The staff is super friendly, were incredibly gracious to my kids, and know their stuff. The establishment is warm, welcoming, and in a fabulous Soulard location. The food? Um yeah... Fabulous! Juicy, flavorful, affordable, and obviously made with pure love for the art of barbecue! Bogart's is still a baby, having only been open for a few weeks, and already has an enormous following. They can add my family to the list.

Check them out before Soulard Market is back into action and the crowds take this place over, as it is sure to be a huge hit. This is the real deal, St. Louis.


Bogart's Smokehouse
1627 S 9th Street
St Louis, MO 63104