Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Quiz TIme: Style maker

I can't help myself... I love silly Internet style quizzes?! This particular one: Style Maker - A visual quiz to define & defend your style. It only takes a minute and is light-hearted fun. My result...

You most resemble "Winsome Charm".


Details of craftsmanship with natural materials surround you. Your dream kitchen is your prize- Decorative, finished… elegant. A bedroom with distinct character - warm and charming.

Like the painter's brush, your composition is done in living color. Modern subtleties extend to your table. Afternoon refreshments on the patio. Natural and neutral… save the color for your art.

At the end of the day… you don't take things too seriously..

Suspected "Winsome Charm":

- Tom Hanks
- Robert Redford
- Queen Latifah