Saturday, June 11, 2011

Family Lives in 320-Square-Foot 'Shotgun Shack'

I love featuring unique properties on the blog! I stumbled upon this article and had to share, particularly as an interesting follow-up to my previous article regarding Generations Y's affinity towards smaller, more practical/green spaces.

2 years ago, Debra and her family lived in a 2,000sq ft home on over an acre of land. After her husband lost his job, they opted for an extreme choice, by purchasing a 320-square-foot shack for $15,000 cash

Early in their marriage, the couple had spent 9 years living abroad in very condensed spaces in South America. Recalling that living small hadn't felt like a sacrifice then, but rather a way to stay focused on what is important... they decided they wanted to get back to that simplicity.

Their custom-built "shotgun shack" includes a walk-in closet, conventional-sized appliances, and even a lofted bedroom for their son that, the family boasts, is big enough to host sleepovers. Amazing how far a little ingenuity can take you...