Saturday, March 31, 2012

Scenes from our journey down the Florida keys..

For years, Steve and have talked about flying into Southern Florida, renting a convertible, and making our way up and down the Florida Keys.  

For our recent 15th anniversary, Steve surprised me with itinerary for a trip already planned and booked.  We arrived home yesterday, after 5 days of fun.   A peek at our adventures, via iPhone mobile uploads...

Steve- we live a WONDERFUL yet super busy life where time alone tends to be sparse.  It was perfectly amazing to have 5 days of kid-free fun all to ourselves, away from everything and everyone.  Thank you, thank you for such a thoughtful surprise!  It was even better than I could have ever expected.  THANK YOU!

(Sorry for the gush moment, all- Steve too subscribes to my blog =) )