Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Under Contract: 740 Jares Ct. - Ballwin

Only 6 days on market and Jares Ct. is officially...
...SOLD and scheduled to close during the last week of June!

Congrats Patsy!

Despite it being a super hot holiday weekend, 20+ groups visited the 1st open house, resulting in multiple interest.  Further proof that...

1)  In this strong Buyer's market, if a property is prepared for sale and PRICED CORRECTLY (the true key), it can and will sell quickly.

2)  Despite most agents' disdain for them, Open House can WORK with proper advertising, directional signage, and timing in conjunction to when a property hits the market IF the property is priced correctly from the get-go.   Back in 2004-2008, the days of the super swift Seller's market, perhaps not as effective.  In today's highly saturated Buyer's market, however, an Open House dramatically increases immediate exposure and as a result urgency if the property shows well. 

NOTE: This is the 3rd listing of mine over the past few months that has sold as the direct result of one of my Open Houses.  They work people.

Great property with a lot of special updates.  Super lucky Buyer!  Congrats again Patsy... =)