Monday, August 13, 2012

Pinsperation : Green Onion recycle

I need to get back on my Pinsperation train, as I have discovered so many good ones this summer!

Green onions- can we all agree that when you need them, you don't have them on hand.  When you actually have them on hand, you don't need them and they go to waste?!

Pinterest claims that you can put the trimmed bulbs back in water and they will regrow...

Thus allowing you to have fresh green onions on hand at all times!  Really?!

My result...

It works!  It works!  In fact, I now have a full mason jar on my deck for when I need them. 

My tips:

1) Change the water every 3-5 days.
2) Give them a trim once/week to keep them fresh when not in use.
3) Bright light but direct sun is not necessary. 

Great pin - LOVE this one!  You can find me on Pinterest HERE.