Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hidden Gem: La Patisserie Chouquette

I adore Foursquare and Instagram for a plethora of reasons, though notably, they are powerful avenues to learn about the hot new places in town.  Both apps allow me to see the establishments that my friends frequent, view the photos of their experience, and read their reviews.   As a result, I have a "must-do" list in a number of cities.  Invaluable information from the people who I trust most. 

Anyhoo, friend after friend has been "checking in" to this establishment recently, sharing photos of the most delectable-looking treats! As I was in Tower Grove on Saturday morning, and in need of a hostess gift for a party that evening, I figured it was the ideal time to pop in.

Located at the corner of McCree and Tower Grove, in the sweet little spot of the city nestled between the Shaw neighborhood and the Grove, is a hidden gem that boasts to be "A Sweet, Chic, and Unique Boutique specializing in French Pastry, Couture Wedding Cakes, and Wow-Your-Date Desserts"...

Indeed!  I could easily ramble on about my lovely experience at La Patisserie Chouquette, though I will instead let my photos do the talking.  I will preface, however, that the entire experience (and it IS an experience) from the space to the treats - as pretty, charming, delicate, and delicious as it looks. 

Note:  Our choice to share, the "Great Gatsby", could be renamed the "I have possibly just died and gone to heaven via creamy lime and candied ginger-layered crepe goodness".  Highly recommend.
I have been blessed to enjoy delectable hand-crafted goodies on the streets of Paris.  This is by far the closest thing to that experience that I have found here in St. Louis.  As soon as you cross the threshold of La Patisserie Chouquette, you are transported to another time and place.  Everything that you see- pretty.  Everything that you smell- wonderful.  Everything that you taste- sinful.  La Patisserie Chouquette is an experience that every local needs to have at least once.  Incredibly special, this little hidden gem is.

If you are in the neighborhood- drop by and plan to stay for a bit.  If you aren't in the neighborhood, it is worth the journey, I promise.
NOTE: for those of you with allergies, the bakery is ALSO gluten and peanut FREE.
Nitty Gritty...
1626 Tower Grove Avenue
St Louis Mo, 63110 
Store Hours...
Tuesday-Saturday 9am-5pm

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