Monday, December 14, 2015

4th quarter roundup, both personally and professionally.

I will admit that I have been rather lackadaisical on the blog recently...
I haven't forgotten about you, Bloggers!  

I bumped into a former client last week while holiday shopping at the Galleria, and she mentioned that she has enjoyed the more frequent glimpses of my family and personal happenings recently on Instagram and Twitter.  She also questioned whether the market was still holding strong, as she noted that I haven't been "talking work" as much recently.

The fact is, the 2015 St. Louis real estate market was incredible.  Per our local MLS system, these are the year-to-date stats in Missouri real estate...
Staggering, right?  

Per my office's latest year-to-date tally, my personal production has landed me in the Top 10 thus far at the Coldwell Banker Gundaker Corporate Centre Sales Office...
While I don't tend to focus or dwell upon rankings, I am beyond blessed by the number of wonderful families I was given the opportunity to assist in 2015.  My Buyers made solid investments, my Sellers walked away with more equity in their pocket than they have in YEARS with less days on the market, the condo market finally started moving again, and lateral this-house-just-isn't-a-match moves became possible again.  The rates stayed constant, the inventory was swift, lenders loosened up, and St. Louis was MOVING. The fact that 4th quarter dropped off in to seasonal slowdown this year is a positive thing, as that is a sign of a NORMAL and HEALTHY market here in the traditional Midwest region of the country.  

The healthy St. Louis real estate market is cyclical and Mid-October through New Years is traditionally a forced hiatus for most Midwest Realtors.  Even the most pressed clients typically pause in the 4th quarter to enjoy the season and their family, only to start back up again on January 1st with a bang. A productive Realtor plans around this time of year both financially and personally.  We manage our money to account for the financial drought and use the extra time off for travel and family commitments that are impossible during peak season.    

Summer through Fall was notably busy for me in 2015 with back-to-back closings, time-pressed Buyers, and complicated negotiations. Over 4 to 6 peak months, a full-time Midwest Realtor typically works 7 days per week, often 12-16 hours per day.  As you can imagine, it is an exciting yet tiring whirlwind. Hence, the 4th quarter hiatus is a terrific breather.  I personally use this time to recharge and enjoy my family, connect with my clients on Social Media on a more personal level, and shift my focus to super-prepping for new year.

So what do Realtors really do behind the scenes during this time of the year in addition to the "fun stuff" that we share on Instagram? While we do have the opportunity to enjoy holiday family time, travel, and complete personal projects, much of a Realtor's holiday season is spent sitting behind a desk under a pile of paperwork.

Over recent weeks I have been...
  • Interviewing with potential clients who have made contact with me for their consideration of representation.
  • Prepping my 2016 committed Sellers with numerous home visits, listing consultations, and staging appointments.  Gauging the market, pulling comps, and pricing.
  • Getting to know my signed Spring Buyers and their preferences while creating their hot sheets to begin their search after the New Year. 
  • Getting my marketing plan together for 2016. 
  • Getting my receipts and tax papers organized from 2015. Tax time, ironically, hits during a Realtor's typical PEAK time, hence getting the bulk of it prepared in December is ideal. Everything is added and in the correct category, rearing and ready to go for our accountant once our final statements come in. Imperative for an independent contractor.
Overall, December has been an incredibly productive month for me that has prepped me for a seamless 2016 transition.  I am excited.  I can't wait to get going!! I love the post-New Year real estate frenzy and I am super eager to enjoy the fun here on the blog.

Are you considering a move in 2016?  A proactive December/January is the key to success!  The time to start preparing is NOW, regardless of your target dates.  Interviewing?  I would love the opportunity to speak with you and appreciate your consideration!  Learn more about me at, see what my clients have to say about me HERE, or call me at 314.298-5275.