Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Closed: #8129 Stanford Avenue in University City

When you sell the home that you have enjoyed and raised your family in for over 30 years, it is really like leaving behind a good friend.  As my boys grow older, I've become a lot more cognizant of the fact that eventually Steve and I will be back to two in this house and will have to decide if all of the large family amenities are still necessary.

#8129 Stanford closed today, and these clients have really become family to me over the years as we have contemplated, strategized, and waited for the right time for this downsize.  This big beautiful University City home served them well for over 3 decades and will hopefully go on to create beautiful family memories for the new Buyers.

To the entire K family- here's hoping that the next chapter is as fun-filled as the last.  Thank you, thank you for allowing me to help you in this big transition and I look forward to seeing what the future in your new house holds!  I won't say "keep in touch" as you aren't getting rid of me any time soon. ;-)  Ha ha.  Congratulations!