Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Home Sweet Home, Blooms Sweet Blooms

One of the most important roles of a Realtor is to remain focused on the business aspect of our clients' move in order to protect them through the process, as let's face it... moving is emotional. From helping an eager newlywed couple plant their roots in the perfect starter to holding the hand of a recent widow closing the final chapter of a long life together... we do our best to remain supportive yet logical through an emotionally-charged transaction.

It isn't always easy, as we too are human. A skilled Realtor learns to carefully balance both aspects to be fully-supportive of our clients.

If a client is selling a property, Realtors typically refer to it as a "house" in order to help the Seller begin to remove the emotion so they can focus on the financial significance of each stage of negotiation.  If a client is making a purchase, however, we typically refer to it as a "home" as we realize it is more than just a financial transaction. Finding the right fit, both financially and emotionally, is imperative in a purchase.  

Home is a safe haven.  It meant to be the heart of a family.  It is where first steps are taken, Tooth Fairies visit, and buddies gather to cheer their favorite team to victory.  It is where one gathers with friends and family to enjoy the best of what life has to offer from Memorial Day barbecues and birthday celebrations to relaxing naps on the garden hammock.

It's the little things that make a house a home. Small things that when joined together, create the most inviting and special atmosphere that is unique to you and yours.  That becomes no more apparent to me every single May when I open my son's bedroom window to see this...
Our peony has been in bloom all week.  To most it is just a pretty pink flower, but to me it is home.  My childhood bedroom had a large blush peony bush beneath my window.  Every May I would perch my chin on the windowsill and behind the protection of the screen, curiously watch the bees buzz around the blooms as the lovely fragrance filled my bedroom and my dad tended to his vegetable garden just a few feet away.

I have planted a blush peony in every single house that Steve and I have lived in.   As a result, every May I am magically transported back four decades to the safety of my childhood bedroom.  Home is where love blooms in Casa de Nenonen, both figuratively and literally. I love this time of year!  The memories evoked not only bring a smile to my face, but also act as a terrific annual reminder of the significance of aiding people in either closing or opening a chapter on a new home.