Monday, May 16, 2016

In the Press: Thanks for the quote, Money Magazine!

It was incredibly kind of Time's Money Magazine to recently quote me again...

Particularly, as it is a topic that I am so passionate about.  Becoming "house poor" is one of the most devastating financial mistakes that a Buyer can make, in my opinion.  When a disproportionate amount of one's monthly income is spent on mortgage, taxes, insurance, association fees, and utilities... it leaves room for little else.  No renovations, no Life emergency fund, no savings, no vacations, no FURNITURE. The very best way for a Buyer to avoid this financial pitfall is by controlling the conversation and being budget-focused from the get-go, at the time of preapproval!  A reputable mortgage lender will follow your lead and respect your parameters.

Affordability is an incredibly important topic in the real estate industry. Thank you for allowing me to share, Money!
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