Wednesday, January 4, 2017

To Stainless or not to stainless... that is the question!

Stainless steel appliances have been the "belle of the ball" for some time now, as they have become the hallmark of a desirable and updated kitchen.  However, I have been privy to client concerns and complaints for years, typically for two reasons:

1) Fingerprints: 
"Kids do NOT touch the refrigerator today as the house is being shown!"

Note- I have heard more home remedies on reducing smudge than I care to count from baby oil to coconut oil.

2) Dents: 
"Carrie- should we buy a magnetic wipe board or something to camouflage it for listing?"

In fact, this post is brought to you by...

...the big fat dent made by the delivery men upon installing our brand new 24 inch special order counter-depth wet bar refrigerator. 

No, no, no! *sigh* 

Universe- I will take your 2 months of waiting for this fridge only to have it dented upon installation and spin it as a gift. A happy accident. Had this dent not been made by the poor delivery man, it would have likely been made by a member of my family with zero recourse. We sadly learned a lesson at his expense, I suppose.

While most Buyers love themselves some stainless steel and I don't see it being out of vogue for a very long time, there has been a distinct shift in what I have begun to see in homes around St. Louis and trending in design publications.  As Homeowners begin to seek contemporary appliances that are lower maintenance, designers and large appliance houses have responded in a big way. 

If you enjoy the aesthetic of stainless steel and seek a low-smudge alternative...
Black or slate-toned stainless steel is trending and is hot, hot, hot!  Not long after its introduction, this finish has quickly taken over Pinterest and big box stores due to its popularity.

In addition, traditional white and black appliances are making a huge comeback as they have a new sexy swagger with clean lines, smooth surfaces, and high-end options.

Those aren't your parents' appliances.  Clean, stylish, and gorgeous, aren't they?

Per the Nenonens, we have changed courses for our unique space that requires a very thin (24") yet tall (70") special order fridge.  While I was initially drawn to the sleek and modern appearance of the steel fridge for our wetbar makeover with new granite and carrara marble...

I have opted to reorder the white version instead.  Yes, the somewhat painfully practical decision, but likely the right one for us.  With no less than a dozen teenagers in my basement every weekend, we have tried to create a space that is stylish and pretty, but yes... practical and durable, as well.