Saturday, June 24, 2017

TRENDING: Plunge Pools and Stock Tank Pools

If you spend time on the Internet (or touring homes like I do), you know that Summer 2017 is the summer of the POOL. Pools are making an enormous comeback, in a miniature way, via the plunge pool craze...  
Photos via Pinterest
Cannonballs may be out of the question, but these small, decorative deep pools provide the perfect place to splash around and cool off in the summer! Is it a water feature, is it a pool... plunge pools started popping up in exclusive spas and resorts years ago.  The trend has now hit the residential sector as they are inexpensive, economical, easy to maintain, and can even be customized to include fountains, spa jets, heaters, benches, lights, or even a counter-current system so one can swim laps!

As with  ALL luxury trends, the small-pool concept has also hit apps like Pinterest and Instagram in droves with a funky shabby-chic DIY twist...
Photos via Pinterest

Homeowners across the country, from rural to urban areas, are ordering stock tanks by the thousands from farm supply stores and retrofitting them with above-ground-pool pumps and filters.  This quirky upcycled backyard retreat can be easily executed for less than $600. Find tips HERE.

Having grown up in a home with... 
My now 15 year old floating in my parent's pool as a chubby little infant in 2002.

... an enormous inground concrete and tile pool, I know the expense, upkeep, and headache all-too-well.  That being said, the plunge pool trend totally changes the game, don't you think?

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