Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Top 10 Home Design Trends for 2018 per the Pinterest 100

If you are a Pinterest user (find me HERE), you know that you can spot trends forming on the site LONG before you see them plastered across the internet.   For that reason, I have always enjoyed peeking in on the Pinterest 100 , as it is a fascinating highlight of what is trending right now on Pinterest. With over 14 billion ideas, the home category continues to grow with a 75% increase in Pins each year and Pinterest users spend 27% more on decor than people who don’t use the site.

As far as home design goes in 2018 (Home Decor category), Pinterest users have spoken and these are the top 10 hot trends as highlighted by Lonny.com and with photos taken directly from the site as trending. How many of these design elements  have you incorporated into your own home?

  1. Resort-inspired style, particularly in the bathroom. 
  2. Marriage of mixed metals in a space.
  3. Terrazzo is making a comeback, in several applications. 
  4. Statement ceilings, aka "The fifth wall". 
  5. Bone inlaid accent pieces.
  6. Wood wall tiles and flooring in a herringbone pattern.
  7. My personal curb appeal favorite- statement doors.
  8. Vibrant and patterned house plants.
  9. Oversized wall art is back and pushing the eclectic gallery wall back out of vogue.
  10. Sage, sage, and more sage.