Thursday, May 14, 2020

CLOSED: #2801 Kristopher Bend

Hello, Thursday... 

.... gorgeous Kristopher Bend closed escrow today and I am incredibly grateful to the W family for their friendship and business. This amazing family of three embarks upon a new chapter today, and I am so appreciative that they allowed me to help orchestrate it.❤️

Thank you and congratulations, sweet friends!

In St. Louis and contemplating a future move?  We are living in interesting times with constantly-shifting market conditions due to the spread of COVID19 interrupting one of the most frenzied low-inventory markets I have ever experienced.  I have been thrilled by the amount of calls, texts, and emails I have received over the last week to pick my brain on what I am seeing and hearing in the trenches. Have questions about the Corona Virus' impact on the housing market?  Let's connect!  Knowledge is POWER, friends.