Monday, June 1, 2020

Under Contract: 7804 Weil Ave in Shrewsbury

The news rolled in late last night that my Buyers contracted this adorable Shrewsbury split in Webster Schools...
It was the 1st weekend of showings and contracting this property was no easy feat, friends?!  After 3 straight days of non-stop showings... we competed against a whopping NINETEEN OTHER CONTRACTS.  19.  My sweet and deserving clients beat out the competition with a quick clean top-notch offer, closing escrow in 4 short weeks. YES.

The F duo- they are total troopers and have been so much fun to spend time with!  I couldn't be happier for them.  Weil will be the perfect place for the exciting new chapter to come for these 2 (almost 3).  Thank you, S and L, for allowing me to assist in your big move and a heartfelt THANK YOU to my sweet friend K for the referral. 💗

I am so humbled and appreciative for the opportunity to help in such an important purchase.