Wednesday, February 10, 2021

2020 International Sterling Club Award recipient...

I opened up my email to be greeted by this...

Week made!  What an incredible honor.  2020 was a fantastic year for me professionally.  What makes me most proud, however?   I safely helped people chase their happy and transition into a more suitable home amidst a horribly challenging global health crisis.  My clients and I were creative and remained 100% dedicated to every single safety precaution made available to us this year.  As a result, we made things happen while protecting ourselves and our families.  For that, I am most proud of my work in 2020.

It was worth the virtual meetings, double masking, Costco-sized bins of Clorox, virtual inspection review, antibacterial gel overload, air hugs, and outdoor parking lot closings.  Covid-19 safety has been at the top of my priority list since day one and will continue to be until normalcy returns.

I am grateful and blessed to have a wonderfully supportive and like-minded network of folks around me.  They support my business in so many ways and in return... I strive to make the experience as enjoyable and seamless, as possible.  Their trust and loyalty is beyond humbling and appreciated.  I thank my lucky stars every single day for their business, friendship, and thoughtful referrals.

Huge honor from Ryan Gorman, great week.