Friday, February 5, 2021

CLOSED: 4916 Delor in South City

Hey hey, hello Friday...

Lovely Delor, a handsome 1921 South City brick bungalow, closed escrow yesterday afternoon!  I am incredibly excited for my first-time Home Buyer clients, J and E.  Not only is their new home dreamy, but their mortgage payment is SIGNIFICANTLY lower than the rent they have been paying.  Monthly savings while building an equity nest egg... that is what ownership is all about!

One of the most coveted aspects of my job is working with first time home buyers as I really see it as an incredible teaching opportunity.  These two?  Total pros and an absolute PLEASURE from day one.  Congrats Team Delor and a special thank you to my sweet friend A for her thoughtful referral.  I feel so blessed to have these folks in my life!

Well friends, what can I say?  2021 has started off with a bang!  Rates are still incredibly low, the tight inventory market remains swift, and the St. Louis real estate industry pushed right through the holidays without pause.  

I have a feeling that this year is going to break records!

If you are contemplating a 2021 move, the time to start strategizing is NOW, friends.  Need advice or someone to bounce ideas off of?  Curious about what your house is worth?  Need more space or a home office or more room for at-home-learning?  Seeking a quiet weekend retreat outside of the city?  I can help, let's connect!