Sunday, August 30, 2009

I've fallen and I can't get up...

Fall... I adore it. Period.

Everyone has their favorite season, and by FAR, mine is Fall.

As we begin to bid farewell to the humid, sweltering St Louis summer and welcome the cool, crisp Autumn air... I start to feel alive again.

The colors and smells, gorgeous foliage, leaves crunching under your feet, crispy evenings, dewy mornings, cornstalks and gourds, sweaters and jeans, hay bales and scarecrows, apple cider, pumpkins on porches, colorful mums. There is really NOTHING about Fall that I don't absolutely love?!

Every year, I know that my beloved Fall is quickly approaching when apple-picking season finally arrives. What do you know? It's here!!

Yesterday we took our annual trek over to Eckert's in Belleville to pick our own apples and welcome the season with open arms...
When our children were younger, we used to hit Eckert's Millstadt location, jam-packed with a DAY FULL of activities for the little, little ones. As the kids have now outgrown the bulk of the activities there, however, the Belleville Farm is a better match for us these days.

Apple picking at Eckert's goes through mid-October. Click here for Eckert's ripening schedule, to ensure that you don't miss your favorite kind! We left the farm today with 20 lbs of Honeycrisp, our family favorite...