Monday, August 31, 2009

Kirkwood Cute: 3 Hillcrest Place

It’s bordering impossible to drive through the downtown Kirkwood area without releasing an occasional sigh or enthusiastic “How cute!”.

Established in 1853, Kirkwood was the first planned suburb west of the Mississippi River, and is centered around the railroad that runs through the heart of downtown. From the beginning, it’s been a love affair between the Kirkwood citizens and trains, as Kirkwood owes its very existence to the railroad and James Pugh Kirkwood- the engineer in charge of building it.

Obviously, as Kirkwood boasts a great Central location and reputable schools, it is an EXTREMELY popular area for Buyers. That being said, the appeal tends to go a tad further than the logistics in my experience. When Buyers center their home search around Kirkwood, they are looking for a lifestyle.

Kirkwood is a small town within a big city. It's slower pace, Farmer's Market, and come-hither architecture just BEGS you to pull up a wicker chair, a good book, and a glass of lemonade to enjoy a warm and balmy St Louis evening on your wrap-around porch.

This home's exterior, at #3 Hillcrest Place, well defines the small town curb appeal of Kirkwood. Just 2 blocks from the downtown area and the Kirkwood Farmer's Market, this historical 120 y/o Kirkwood property boasts large mature trees, lush perennial gardens, and a big, ol' porch to enjoy the small town charm that Kirkwood is famous for...

Offered for $339,000 by Keller Williams - 314-677-6000