Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Retail Tip: Shoes for the sole AND soul

No, they aren't fashionista footwear. Regardless, particularly if you have kids... you probably have a few pairs laying around the house. For all practical purposes, Crocs are great and tend to get a bad rap. Whether hitting the sand, dirt, grass, or water... Crocs keep your feet protected. They prevent slipping, they float in case you lose one in the water, AND they can be hosed off or put in the dishwasher when they get filthy. In that respect, despite their less fashionable appearance, they are fantastic and super comfortable! I have a pair for gardening and swear by them.

After the typical summer frenzy (and growth spurts), it is time for new Crocs. I always go to the Croc Outlet in the St. Louis Mills, as unlike the teeny Croc kiosks in most malls... they have every style and color. They also carry boots, Jibbitz, and other accessories. In my opinion, it is worth the extra drive. Tonight I made a discovery, however, that must be paid forward: Recycled Crocs!

Recycled Crocs, for get this, $5.00.


For those of you unaware, the normal retail price for a pair of Crocs is $30.00. I have no clue if the recycled Crocs ALWAYS sell for $5.00, though tonight at the St. Louis Mills... they are. More exciting than the price, however, is the program. Brilliant.

Program Details:
So, not only are these recycled Crocs good for the environment and pocket book... they are helping someone in need.

Win, win, WIN!

Note: SolesUnited is now known as Crocs Cares, and you can find more info HERE about how over 2.5 million pairs of shoes have been distributed via this program since 2007 to those in need in impoverished areas and disaster areas like Haiti. You can also find them on Facebook HERE.

My son's old full-retail Crocs (with a ton of miles on them)...

... and his new recycled pair:
This weekend I plan to gather all of the worn and outgrown Crocs in the house and deliver them BACK to the Crocs Outlet in the Mills, as they are a recycle collection store, as well. Love it.

NOTE: Just like any outlet store- colors and sizes are limited. Inventory changes constantly, as do prices. I found this deal this evening, so hurry if interested.