Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Design Eye Candy: Vitrolite bathroom

Some aspects of my job stop me in my tracks (for good and bad reasons). Regardless, this was the case over the weekend. I had to stop, enjoy, and photograph =).

The bathroom of the South City brick bungalow that one of my Buyers contracted over the weekend is so deliciously deco, that I had to share. The original pigmented Vitrolite Glass wall tile is in absolute MINT condition with no cracks, chips, or settling.

Beautiful, just beautiful.

Though pairing it with the mint condition original floor tile, built-in fixtures, and pedestal sink proves that some looks are timeless. Period. People say that everything that is old becomes new again eventually. This classic Art Deco bathroom design proves that statement.

An original bathroom as complete, pristine, and stylish as this one is a rarity. I had to share, as I find it breathtaking.