Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Thank you for the blog shout-out, WBUH of St. Louis!

I adore the St. Louis real estate community and as blogging has grown in popularity, I have had the unique opportunity to share with many other skilled local professionals also passionate about providing the public with valuable information.

A dear client of mine recently stumbled upon this local blog post and I felt compelled to share.  Thank you for the "CDN and the City" blog shout-out, We Buy Ugly Houses of St. Louis Blog...
The St. Louis blogging community is not only over overflowing with local expertise, but is also incredibly warm and reciprocal.  I appreciate your shout-out and am honored to be in the company of other folks so dedicated to keeping St. Louis "in the know".  Thank you!

Read the full post and connect with the other local real estate bloggers HERE.