Monday, August 26, 2019

Beat the crowd and start Fall prep early, Homeowners!

The kids are back to school, pool days are numbered, days are shorter, and evenings are cooler as we draw Summer 2019 to a close. 

In a region with four distinct seasons, most folks have their favorite.   I unapologetically declare mine is FALLAs we begin to bid farewell to the humid, sweltering St Louis summer and welcome the cool, crisp Autumn air... I start to feel alive again. 
 Crisp evenings, dewy mornings, crimson-painted treetops, cornstalks and gourds, sweaters and jeans, leaves crunching under your feet, hay bales and scarecrows, apple cider, pumpkins on porches, colorful mums. There is really NOTHING about Fall that I don't adore.

Steve and I learned long ago, however, that the key to truly enjoying the coziness of Autumn is proactivity before the weather cools. There is nothing WORSE than switching on the furnace to remove the chill from the house to NOTHING or heading out to build that 1st bonfire to find you are out of wood.  The fact is, most service companies are overwhelmed and inundated with calls once the weather turns.  

This year, take the bull by the horns and beat the crowd.  While the weather is still nice, proactively get your home ready for the cooler days ahead. You will thank yourself in a few short weeks!
  • FIREWOOD: Order and stock up on firewood now before the local companies are inundated with requests and the wait becomes lengthy.
  • CHIMNEY:  Have your chimney professionally cleaned and inspected.  Check the flue, ensure the safety screen and/or doors are sound, and ensure the integrity of your chimney cap to keep critters and nests out. 
  • HVAC SYSTEM: If you didn't do it last Spring, schedule an annual heating system check-up. A professional clean and service ensures your HVAC system is safe and ready to fire up once the weather turns.
  • WINDOWS AND DOORS: Inspect your windows and doors for drafts. Check weatherstripping. Re-caulk.  If you have removable window or door screens, now its the time to clean, store, and replace them with storm windows.
  • ROOF: Check for loose shingles and ensure your chimney flashing is intact and secure.